Podcast Content Repurposing

We take the video footage of your latest episodes and turn them into branded social assets!

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How Does It Work?

We use a specific process to take your podcast episode and create a deck of content to be used across social media. 

Does your message need to reach more people?

(Without the hours of editing yourself and making content every single week?)


We take the video recordings of your podcast (zoom etc) and we create a full, polished and on brand video episode (cleaned up and edited with pop ups, B-roll and lower thirds.) for use on YouTube, Facebook and IGTV.

We also create multiple mini clips for use across your social media! Taking the best bits and key moments from the episode, as well as making an exciting trailer video.

Our top service also includes graphic quote images that can also be posted on social as content to engage and intrigue.

Who Is It For?

This service is for podcasters and content creators that are making new episodes on a weekly basis and are looking to make more impact with social media content derived from the great stuff that was shared in the episode itself!

Making your own content is time consuming and can get very complicated.

Your brand deserves quality and continuity.

Have us take care of it for you, save your time AND feel confident that the quality will be consistent week after week.

Client Example Spotlight:


Tommy and the team at Tide 55 have been doing the production of my podcast video content for over 30 episodes now. Each week they create content from the podcast that I can distribute across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn saving me time, helping me serve a wider audience and keeping a great consistent brand identity. 
The content has evolved over the months and I love that we work together to improve different aspects of the video production as we continue to learn and grow.
Having Tide 55 in my corner has definitely helped me  maximise the content I record for the podcast in ways I couldn’t do by myself.

Check out the videos below to see some example mini clips we have done did for Ryan's podcast!




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