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Why Content Is King

Mar 16, 2021

Here at Tide 55, we are all about the content. It pumps through our veins. Literally.

We all consume so much content each and every day in a variety of different ways, so it’s obvious that content is important for any businesses marketing strategy. But, we want to talk more about the benefits of using content and how it helps you connect with your potential customers.

The different types of content

Content marketing can include blogs, website content, videos, emails, ebooks and more! Different types of work for different businesses so looking into your target market and testing which forms work best for you is great in utilising the many different types of content.

The benefits of content marketing

Connecting with your audience through sharing informative, educational and exciting content is so important considering everything is now online. You have to interact and stay in the minds of your audience, otherwise, your competitor will!


Content marketing:

Increases engagement - Your audience can engage and interact with you on relevant topics, news and updates. It helps them feel involved and important

Creates trust - By sharing information or even behind the scenes style content can help you build a relationship and trust with your audience by allowing them into your brand.

Builds awareness - No matter your business, building awareness is something that you have to do. People have to be aware of you before they can buy from you. So sharing interesting topics or discussing relevant news, product launches, anything that relates to your business, can help you Digital spread awareness.

Educates - You can learn so much online. Even simply by scrolling social media. Businesses can use their content to help educate others on their services, who can benefit from them and more.

Whatever industry you are in, social media content and a website and two absolute must-haves. Emails and blogs are the next steps to increasing your content marketing strategy and fuelling your business. Not only is this good for your audience for all the reasons above, but it will also help you get a bit better acquainted with the lovely Google algorithms.

If you want your business the be an industry leader, you need to have a solid content marketing strategy to round off your online presence and generate more sales/leads.

How do you find the time to do it all? If you are finding it difficult to juggle all of the balls of running a business, send us a message and we can arrange a call to discuss your digital marketing strategy and see what areas we can help you in.

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