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user-generated content

The Importance of User-Generated Content

Apr 21, 2021

Every single business should have a user-generated content strategy. User-generated content is exactly what it says on the tin, content that your users, customers, clients etc. create after buying your product or service.

This content can be used, by you, it is a testimonial, it is your customer sharing about your business, talking about your service and telling their audience = growing your business!

It is an absolute no-brainer.

You can tell the world until you are blue in the face why they should buy a product or service from you. But it is human nature to trust someone we know or even just someone that is unbiased.


4 reasons why you should use user-generated content:

  • Trust: People trust people. When you want to buy something, what's the first thing you do? Go and research them on social media? I know for sure that's what I do, especially look at their tagged posts to see what other people are saying about them. Creating trust with your audience is a sure-fire way to increase business.


  • Engagement: On social media nowadays, it is all about creating a community and engaging with your followers is a great way to build your online presence. Using user-generated is perfect. When people tag you in posts, get involved. Comment, share like and keep an eye on the comments on that post, ensuring you start conversations with people that show an interest in your product. (Note: keep it light and fun, a sales approach is not a good idea here).


  • Reputation: The more people sharing and talking about your brand online, the better. This massively affects your reputation and how people view your product or service.


  • Content to use: Only the BEST PART! User-generated content is amazing to share on your own accounts. It is basically a testimonial from someone that has bought and loved your product or service.


4 ways to generate user-generated content:

  • Giveaways: You could either do a giveaway asking people to tag you in their pictures using/wearing your product/service and then your favourite one or a randomly generated person will win a gift voucher or item. You could also have a monthly offer where you give away a voucher every month to the best picture, this encourages your customers/clients to tag you in their posts. They are likely posting about it anyway, all you need to do is remind them to tag you!


  • Tag us to be featured on your page: A lot of companies will promote people on their page. Like we said earlier, it is easy content for you. Great content for your potential customers. So you should definitely share user-generated content. However, promoting this is a good idea because most people love the thought that you would share their post!


  • After purchase: When a customer makes a purchase, whether online or in person, make sure that they are directed to share about it on social. That could be on the thank you page, a follow-up email, a leaflet or even from the person serving them.


  • Ask: You don’t ask you don’t get, right? As well as when your customers make a purchase, if you receive a message saying how much someone loved your product/service, just say “we would love for you to tag us @… if you share anything related to us on your social accounts”. Or even post on your social media saying “we would love to see your pictures! Make sure you tag us @…”

Start gathering user-generated content today and you will thank us later. Not only will it grow your business, improve your online presence, it will also make your life easier when you are searching for things to post.

What's not to like?

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